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Introducing Alliance in Motion Global - The ONLY company that spoils her distributors with an Over-Generous Compensation Plan.

Global Package =  ₦38,000

Short Business Plan - ANIMATED

Global Package =  ₦38,000

FULL Business Plan - UCHE ENOCHORA (g.a/sb)

“With this Brand New System & Amazing Products, you can work with us wherever you are and make up to ₦9,825,600 in your FIRST year!”

Everything you need to start your Network Marketing Business without Trial and Error, generate endless quality prospects without bugging your family and friends, convert them into your partner and earn in more than 5 ways From Alliance in Motion Global (AIM Global), with far less effort, anytime, anywhere!

Frustrated network marketers who truly have a passion for the industry can now achieve the success they have always desired with this amazing company. Even career people with little or no time can start building a second income stream with AIM GLOBAL NIGERIA.

With AIM Global Most People Will Never Have To Fail In Network Marketing Again. Never!

The moment you complete your registration with AIM Global, our Online Wealth Generator help build your downline organization by placing the next AIM Global partner under you as more and more people join the company whether through your marketing efforts or those of your upline sponsors.

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Gain instant access to the exact same system that we and members of our team are using to generate fabulous daily income from AIM GLOBAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY using your phone/laptop with internet connection.

Become an AIM Global Partner now and secure the next available position before someone else does.

"There's No Way You'll FAIL With Our System"

If you follow our simple, easy to use system, success is GUARANTEED. We are certain and very sure because our system has transformed the lives of  Ugwu Seller, Akara Seller, Lawyer, HR Manager and so on, just to name a few -- We are simply telling you that it works! No Fluff, No Bullshit. 

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

“My story still bring me tears...”

“Ever since I got started in 2013, my life has never remained the same.

I used to pick carton for a living at Oshodi before someone introduced me to this amazing business and showed me a simple system to follow. 

I would have struggled and maybe backed down if there wasn't a system in place. Nothing beats the daily motivation I get from the team. I'm now a motivation for others. "

- Ngozi E******e

“Struggled for 6 years..."

“I was a network marketer in another company and was struggling with duplication until I found Online Wealth Generator in 2012 with my team in my new company - AIM Global. 

Now, I don't have to worry about duplication ever again. Even a 12 year-old can do this just by following the amazing system in place."

- Temitope I******s

“All made possible through AIM Global..."

“I left the village for Lagos to find greener pasture in 2015.

I was sleeping in an uncompleted building for over a year until I discovered AIM Global and this amazing system in 2016.

To cut the whole story short, I now have my own jeep and living in my own house. Thank Jesus for my life. 

- Uchechi A******u

We are very selective when it comes to choosing people to work with us. This is a business like any other out there, so we want people who have positive mindset and willing to learn. You won't have access to the button below once the COUNTDOWN runs out. Slot closes in 3 days!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


A Few More Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People

“My Plan B pays better...

“When I found AIM for Success group in 2018 and was shown a simple system, I got started immediately hoping to just make a side income for myself.

But the amount of money I've made so far is far far better than the total money I've made in my fashion design business and it even comes without the stress of a regular business.

Forever glad I got started without doubting."

- Mariam O******e

“I have found a gold mine..."

- Isreal U******o

Creator of Online Wealth Generator

About A.F.S.G

What our group and our logo represent; We have people from different backgrounds, different ethnics and different mindset working towards an ultimate goal; Financial Freedom. The many colourful stars in the logo represent the many dreams we’ll achieve together while walking towards our ultimate goal. We've set out to create a community of self-made multi-millionaires in 2 years.

More than 5 ways of Earning - AIM Global Compensation Plan Summary:

1. RETAILING (OPTIONAL) - Income of 25% just by sharing and inviting people to use the products. What NO QUOTA means as shown in the image above is that if you decide to venture into the Retailing aspect, you aren't forced to buy a specific amount or set a time frame for you to sell. You decide if you want to sell or not. AIM Global currently has 14 products in Nigeria.
2. DIRECT REFERRAL BONUS of ₦3,000 for every person you refer or invite to join the business and purchase a global package.
3. MATCHING BONUS of ₦4,800 every time there is a referral at the left and right side of your binary organization or an equivalent product purchase up to a maximum of ₦96,000 per day for 1 Global Account Purchased (You can open 3-15 accounts to maximize your income).
4. UNILEVEL BONUS – 10% on monthly purchases of your direct referrals and their respective down lines’ purchases up to the 10th level. The 10 levels are completed from further down when anyone in the top 10 level made no purchase for the month. This applies to all your direct referrals and respective down lines no mater how many (no limit).
5. STAIR STEP - 10-40% overriding commission on your group’s total sales volume. Achieved when the equivalent points of your group’s sales volume reaches 10 - 1000 points.
6. G.A. MAX 10 – 2% from any or all of your downline and his/her group’s sales volume who gets promoted to global ambassador.

Here's how AIM Global compares with other companies.

AIM Global Nigeria

  • No “Compulsory” selling or re-ordering of products.
  • Registration is one-time and is valid for life and can be passed on to next-of-kin.
  • Real-time Income & activity tracking with your phone.
  • Daily Payout to your Bank accounts (Based on the activities in your network)
  • FREE Online and Offline Professional training system.
  • No Maintenance fee & No Overhead cost.
  • Company is fully registered and all products are NAFDAC certified.
  • Many Awards including TWO Guinness World Records (Images below).

Other Companies

  • Selling and monthly re-order is Compulsory.
  • Re-registration is needed after inactivity for a long time.
  • You have to walk into the office to know what's going on.
  • Payment is made monthly or every 3 months.
  • No Skill Acquisition training system in place.
  • Monthly maintenance is necessary. 
  • No certification whatsoever, both company and products.
  • None.

Here's a "What You Get" for using our system

  • Real life Scripts that converts.
  • Tools that do the talking for you.
  • Training on how to tackle Objections
  • * Online Marketing System.
  • Access to our Interactive WhatsApp Group.
  • ​Access to ​our Self Help Books Library.
  • Our Attraction Marketing Formula
  • Access to our weekly online webinars.
And much more...

We are very selective when it comes to choosing people to work with us. This is a business like any other out there, so we want people who have positive mindset and willing to learn. You won't have access to the button below once the COUNTDOWN runs out. Slot closes in 3 days!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Frequently Asked Questions

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Is recruiting the only way of earning?

How can I get my two serious people?

​Am I required to sell?

Does it work?

P.S.: We have limited slots available in our ever expanding team. This page won't be available in 3 days, so take charge of your life today - "No matter how much your boss loves you, you can never be as rich as he is doing the same thing". Craft out a Plan B for you and your family now.

NB: This is not a get-rich-quick scheme and therefore not a Pyramid Scheme. 


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